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Sativa Sutra’s Hemp Shop Australia specializing in high quality hemp & organic products, giving you an eco-conscious alternative to the mainstream. Our hemp shop offers you goods that are child labor free, produced with renewable energy and natural materials. Mens, ladies & kids streetwear, cruiser skateboards, snowboards, surf accessories, bodycare and much more

The only “HIGH” you’ll get from our hemp range is the satisfaction that you’re helping our environment and bringing sustainable products into the public eye. If utilised to its full potential hemp can play a very important part in solving many of the world’s problems we are faced with today.

The versatility of the hemp plant is truly amazing… with over 25,000 modern uses. The industrial hemp plant can be used to produce textiles, paper, plastics, bio-fuel, food, body care, building materials, animal bedding, medicine and even car parts. Hemp is the strongest natural fibre on the planet making our hemp clothing last the test of time… wearing in not out.

Please check out our online hemp shop   “Be Ecological ~ Live Sustainably”.

Eco Materials

Hemp Fibre

Hemp is the longest strongest natural fibre on the planet giving our hemp products superior strength and durability.

Hemp blended with a soft fibre like organic cotton gives our clothing a soft feel with superior strength.  The insulation properties of hemp allow the wearer to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Hemp is naturally resistant to mould and UV light, is warmer than cotton, more water absorbent than cotton (holding colour longer) has three times the tensile strength of cotton and is many times more durable than cotton.

There is no THC or HIGH in hemp fibre… that’s right you can’t smoke your shirt! The only HIGH you’ll get from our products is the knowledge that we source high quality, sustainable, eco friendly  goods


Bamboo is not dependent on petrochemicals for farming, it requires virtually no maintenance and spreads easily. Belonging to the grass family it has a staggering growth rate  with a deep penetrating root system that holds the soil together. It creates up to 60 tons of fibre per hectare – while convention cotton will produce only about 2 tons. Just like regular grass, bamboo can be cut without removing the root system and will return to its original height in 8 – 10 weeks, just like mowing the lawn.

Versatility is another one of bamboos remarkable gifts. You can wear it, eat it, skate on it, make it into almost anything – furniture, housing, you name it! An easy alternative to timber, bamboo can also help reduce the rate of deforestation significantly while pulling carbon from the atmosphere far more effectively then timber plantations or natural forests.

Blended with hemp or cotton, bamboo wears with no compromise on quality, its far more absorbent than cotton giving it colour lasting properties while remaining light and breathable.

Organic Cotton

Worldwide conventional cotton production occupies less than 3% of the worlds agricultural lands, however it’s responsible for close to 20% of the global consumption of agrochemicals. This roughly translates to 1/3 of a pound in chemicals for 1 pound of raw conventional cotton. The result is runoffs causing dead zones in local waterways while spraying these pollutants reduces air quality. In India local farm hands that mix and apply pesticides to cotton crops have an average life expectancy of less then 35 years, a dreadful fact.

Organic cotton is still a thirsty crop compared with hemp or bamboo in particular, and the yields are far lower than these superior alternatives. However, with a growing global population and cotton being the most commonly used textile for clothing, public demands for cotton are on the rise. Therefore we  strive to offer  you cotton products that are farmed organically and sold under fair-trade conditions.

In Australia we produce over 4 million bales of cotton annually. Every time you support the organic cotton industry your also sending a message our local cotton producers – we want organic textiles, we expect clean air and waterways for future generations, keep Australia beautiful!

We would like every person who wears conventional cotton to have a better understanding of its effects, on the lives of farmers as well as our planet.


Australians use 3.9 billion plastic bags a year, that’s over 10 million bags a day. And lets not forget all the plastic bottles and containers we also rely on in daily life. Thankfully we also recycle about 36% of our plastic consumption! When this 36% is rebirthed into useable PET flakes it also only takes 10% of the water needed, only half of certain chemicals and only a third of the energy compared to its original production.

Recycled PET is the responsible choice when you’re looking for attire with synthetic based properties. Its water resistant making it ideal for wet weather gear and has great quick dry properties when you’re looking for a new pair of board shorts.

Hoodlamb clothing have even blended recycled PET with hemp to produce a unique inner fur for their range of hoody’s and jackets. Extremely innovative and responsible material we love to support. And how does it feel? Absolutely plush!

There’s no easy answer to the global thirst for plastics but by supporting PET Recycled products we giving the 36% industry the chance to grow, promote increased recycling and in turn reduce the amount of new, oil based, plastic on the production line.

Because Recycled PET is using synthetic materials that would otherwise be dumped in landfill its eco contribution needs to be measured not just on sustainability but also on the ideal of reusing seemingly worthless materials.


SATIVA SUTRA strives to reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuels at every step. As a result we favour soy based inks or resins for anything we put in front of our customers.

Using soy oils for ink or other goods has an array of knock-on benefits. Supporting farmers over miners and taking carbon out of the atmosphere over burning more fossil fuels to power heavy mining equipment are two prime examples. Furthermore, during production soy based ink can be cleaned up without the use of solvents.

3 stars for the Soy, but only because it’s a base ingredient used with other synthetics materials.  5 stars if you’re making a stir-fry!

About Hemp

hemp-field-sativasutraSativa Sutra  see hemp as the single most important plant on Earth!!

Hemp produces more yields than any other crop while using far less irrigation, thus saving water. A hemp plantation can absorb carbon dioxide four times faster than a natural forest can. It’s easily cultivated on almost every corner of the globe, in almost any condition. Leaving the soil, air, waterways and the farmers in a healthy happy condition. Properly commercialised we believe hemp can be a very important factor in saving our planet from the depletion of our natural forests, global warming and our “addiction” to fossil fuels.

Our dream is for Australia and the world to see the full potential and benefits of the Industrial hemp plant which is an extremely versatile plant with over 20,000 modern uses. Properly utilised and integrated into society, hemp can provide food, oil, fuel, hemp clothing, paper, medicine and housing for everyone on the planet.

Hemp needs no herbicides, because of its rapid growth weeds just can’t keep up. No need for pesticides either, for hemp has few insect enemies and a natural insecticide called Terpene that repels insects. We see hemp as the solution to so many of our environmental and social problems. Synthetic fibres and fossil fuel need to be replaced with non-toxic, renewable, natural alternatives. Hemp truly is an Eco-friendly solution to so many problems faced in the world today.

Botanically, hemp is a member of the most advanced plant family on Earth. It is a dioecious (having male, female and sometimes hermaphroditic-male and female on same plant), woody, herbaceous annual that uses the sun more efficiently than virtually any other plant on our planet, reaching a robust 12 to 20 feet or more in one short growing season. Hemp can be grown in virtually any climate or soil condition on Earth, even marginal ones.    

* Jack Herer, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, page 27

Eco Partners

Hemp HoodLamb – High in Comfort

Hemp clothing is HoodLambs specialty, seamlessly integrating sustainability.  All HL products are made from hemp, organic cotton and other eco-friendly products.

The latest step in HoodLamb’s evolution is a brand new, eco-friendly hemp & organic cellulose water and wind resistant treatment, making the 11-12 series the most protective and comfortable to date, while maintaining a natural high quality look and feel.

Whether you are plowing through a meter of snow in your drive-way or heading to the beach on a cold windy day, you can rely on your HoodLamb to keep you comfortable. HoodLamb has teamed up with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, donating a percentage of every  Sea Shepherd clothing garment sold.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

With oil spills, over-fishing and pollution all taking their toll, the need to get protection in place couldn’t be more urgent. Currently less than 4% of Australia’s water are protected !

Sea Shepherd’s Mission Statement

Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

Sea Shepherd uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately-balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations.

Source: http://www.seashepherd.org/australia/   Thank you Sea Shepherd for all your efforts in protecting our marine environment


The Hemp Trading Company – THTC 


THTC’s mission is simple – to support organic farming, reduce agricultural chemical use, encourage ethical trade, save water and to create a buzz around activism.

THTC is not just a brand… THTC is an extended family of talented musicians, poets, actors, dancers and activists.

Dedicated to using sustainable materials for all its products and promotes the use of Hemp, as well as Carbon neutral Wind Farm produced organic cotton and bamboo as viable organic clothing fabrics.

THTC source products from ethically verified environments and use water based printing on most designs. Certified by the Fair Wear Foundation and The Soil Association


Satori Movement

Rooted in the skateboarding culture, the Satori Movement shares awareness, positivity and culture.

Satori remains committed to using high quality sustainable fibres such as hemp, bamboo, organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Satori continually strive to find new ways to reduce our environmental impact and improve our quality of life.

One love, One Earth, One chance 


The Arbor Collective 

Arbor was founded to design products around the goal of replacing as many environmentally harmful materials as possible, with functional, ecologically based alternatives. The mission is to deliver performance, durability, and style in the most responsible way possible. The result must be quality and reduced environmental impact.

Evolving through the years into a growing collective of artists, designers, and friends that snowboard, skateboard and surf.

Remaining focused on finding solutions for a more sustainable future through a blend of art, technology, and eco-friendly materials. This allows them to deliver the most successful line of snowboards, skateboards and apparel. Annually donating at least 5% of profits to organizations.

They have supported The Nature Conservancy, The Surfrider Foundation, The Rainforest Action Network, American Forests and currently working with True Offsets, www.trueoffsets.com.




Hempy’s has been committed to quality and integrity for over 16 years now.

Producing clothing and accessories made from sustainable materials including hemp, organic cotton, recycled cotton and recycled synthetics

Hempy’s ecological Golden Rule is REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, in that order !


Sativa Bags


Sativa Hemp Bags proudly support hemps’ eco-friendly cultivation, following guidelines set by fair-trade practices.

Sativa’s design ethic aims at a harmonious marriage of function, style and quality !

Hemp products that don’t cost the Earth !!


Hemp Foods Australia 


Founded by Paul Benhaim in 1999

Nearly a decade later, and Paul is still loyal to the Australian hemp industry having founded or helped begin a hemp seed oil producer, farmers, body care business, hemp plastics and even hemp building. His main focus over the past decade has been developing a bio plastic from hemp that may be the future alternative to oil based plastics.

You may be part of the growth of the Australian hemp industry – a plant that can provide food, fuel, fibre, plastics, paper and building materials to the masses. From one plant that grows in 100 days you can buy hemp seeds and oil today knowing you are investing in the future of yourself and the planet whilst supporting local Australian farmers in a sustainable and environmentally friendly industry.


more Trees 


more Trees has given away over 500 baby trees.

A streetwear style made with blends of organic cotton, hemp and recycled P.E.T.

more Trees choose HEMP as it needs NO Pesticides in fabric production. Promoting re-legalization of industrial hemp farming in America, which is currently illegal due to corporate lobbying from synthetic and timber competitors back in 1937. more Trees use Organic Cotton because conventional cotton is the #1 user of pesticides in the world! Conventional cotton production pollutes the water, the soil, cotton workers, and our bodies. moreTrees also use Recycled P.E.T.. made from Recycled Plastic Bottles, which produces an absolutely amazing, versatile, and wrinkle-free fabric.

The transition toward hemp production and other bio-resources can end our damaging dependence on foreign oil, synthetic plastics, clear-cutting forests, and conventional cotton production. Utilizing hemp as an alternative resource is essential to save our remaining forests, rescue polluted waterways, revitalize the economy for farmers, and ensure that our future biosphere will be breathable.

more Trees production facility received the global compliance certification for social responsibility! 


Souls Thongs 
Souls Thongs are the “Original” Massage Thong in the Australian market, the “healthy fashion” range of thongs that offer both therapeutic and lifestyle benefits.
All rubber material used to produce Souls Thongs is sourced from the natural rubber plantations.  The offcuts from production are recycled in the on site recycling facility. Souls footbed moulds to your feet as you walk and masseur bubbles act as pressure points to massage your feet and stimulate blood flow with every step.
We highly recommend Souls eco-friendly footwear… good for you and the environment !!
Push Shove 
You will be stylin with our eco-friendly footwear from Push Shove!
100% natural rubber, featuring hand-printed designs by award winning designer and illustrator David Homer
Push Shove adheres to the highest ethical European standards and is Reach certified… no child labour
Hemp Wholesale Australia

Hemp W A believe Hemp offers us an opportunity to help people and the planet Earth

Phat Tat Tattoo and Piercing Toner and Conditioner is all natural made with Australian Hemp Seed Oil 

Made with NO Chemicals or Petroleum, Phat Tat is what you want to be rubbing into a fresh Tatt or Piercing

Aiming to educate people in the amazing properties of Hemp and the enormous benefits that Hemp products can provide.